Tucked Away

Tucked Away is a small and colorful powerhouse of a play structure. Despite its compact size, this structure brings a mega dose of fun to the far corner of the yard!

A rock wall, rope net climb, and fire pole offer various ways up and down. A horizontal crawling tube is cleverly tucked away under the deck to multiply the potential routes up and down.The upper level deck has a ship’s wheel, pirate flag and a bubble window for a true nautical feel. The fun, unusual angles of the deck create a unique and sea-worthy shape.Above, a beautiful view of the lawn through the bubble window.The jumbo 3′ by 7′ chalkboard is roomy enough for your biggest ideas and your boldest elephant portraits. A small, colorful box holds the extra chalk. The copper pipe with brass ends is a speaking tube that lets you whisper secrets to a friend on the level below.Like every BBAB structure, Tucked Away’s vibrant colors come from our signature natural tung oil stains that penetrate the lumber to protect from the weather while still allowing the natural grain of the redwood to shine through. In addition, the eye-catching colors draw children to this playful corner of the yard.

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