Valley Treehouse

When children see one of our treehouses perched in the treetops, it may look to them as if it grew there magically. After all, each structure is custom-built to fit perfectly into the individual tree, like this one, Valley Treehouse.


The actual process begins with Barbara creating an artist’s sketch & color map based on conversations with the family. This allows everyone to visualize what the structure would look like in the backyard and make any changes desired.

Barbara also creates a bird’s-eye view image of the treehouse. Once everyone is on board, the team conducts our signature stick-out which gathers the necessary measurements to build the component parts in the shop before the on-site installation.

Like many of our structures, Valley Treehouse is completely supported by two gorgeous trees. At BBAB, we’ve got years of experience in safely creating treehouses that are safe for kids and the health of the tree.

Inside the Valley Treehouse, all of the doors and windows have a 1/2″ gap around them to avoid pinched fingers, and our signature natural tung-oil stain is non-toxic for little hands and noses.The skylight and windows let in sunshine and fresh air while the twin chalkboards inspire children’s creativity. Art supplies and outdoor toys can be stowed in the built-in cabinets.Ta dah!

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