Welcome, New Doggies!

IMG_0455With her love of the outdoors and all things playful, it comes as no surprise that Barbara adores dogs! And luckily for the fur babies in her life, they get to join the team at the shop every day — and sometimes on-site too. Over the years, Barbara has had many wonderful shop doggies and this past week, she and Jeff welcomed two new puppies into their life.IMG_2194Ziggy and Marlowe are brothers who were born in Baltimore. Barbara and Jeff travelled there to pick them up, catching an epic snow storm while they were there. Now back in San Francisco, these rambunctious pups have already made themselves at home in the shop and at the house.Daisy-winders Prior to Ziggy and Marlowe, the BBAB shop dogs were Roscoe and Daisy, ridgeback mix siblings. Here, Daisy peers up a spiral staircase leading to a treehouse.Daisy-Roscoe-BudgeWith their calm and friendly personalities, these two were the perfect four-legged members of the installation team.
tashee on site at our Hudson Valley FortressThe original shop dog was Tashee, a regal Rhodesian Ridgeback with a mind of her own!tashee beach w pupsAfter she gave birth to seven adorable puppies, her son Lester joined the Butler family. Above, Tashee introduces her babies to the joys of sprinting down the beach.

Lester-1992 maybeIn this picture from the time machine, Barbara and Jeff pose with an adult Lester and an adorable tiny playhouse.Shop kittiesIn addition to the canines, there are also two shop kitties, Princess and Squeaky, who keep any stray mice away. Rescued in 2001 as kittens, they now reign over the entire shop kingdom, which they consider their personal jungle gym. They can be found leaping from tower to tower, climbing everything, exploring all the nooks and crannies and sometimes showing  up with patches of colorful stain on their fur!

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