What’s New?

photo 1-5Did you know we have a What’s New? section on our website? It’s the place to go for the latest BBAB projects, inspiration and yard envy. This week’s latest addition to our website is Forest Lookout.photo 4-4 Built to maximize the “playability” of this steep yard, Forest Lookout is built right into the hillside with a clubhouse, bridge over swings and even a hanging bridge over the steepest part. photo 5-4 On the other end of the hanging bridge, an octagonal deck is built right around the branches of a tree that would otherwise be inaccessible to the children. Instead of admiring the trees from the other side of the yard, they can get up close and personal with them in this leafy green hangout.photo 2-7 To access the structure from the terraced lawn, children have a choice of rope climb or stairs. Want to bring up your sandwich too? Toss it in the bucket and pulley and leave your hands free for climbing.photo 4-6

Inside, the morning light filters through the windows and decorative cutouts, illuminating the drop-down table and stools and wall-mounted blackboards. For more Forest Lookout pictures, along with specific information about dimensions, pricing and materials, head over to What’s New? on our website.

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