Working With The Weather

img_3319-frogWho’s that ¬†watching Barbara Butler and the crew install their latest custom structure, Coral Gables Castle? Frogs, wild peacocks and other critters make this Florida backyard their home. A sudden warm rain is no big deal for them, but for the humans with a job to do, it’s another story.
img_3346-barbaraConstant vigilance and a good weather app are key to working through the weather. Hats, ponchos and tarps protect the people, although some of the tools are less tolerant of water. But it takes a lot more than a rainy day to stop this dedicated team!
img_3345-marc0-kids-hutchTo keep the power tools dry, Marco relocates to the garage during the worst of the downpour.
img_3338-jeff-david-treefort Armed with a tarp and a good attitude, David hand-lashes the rope railing around one of the tree decks amid the raindrops.img_3337-marco-interior-pas Working inside the already roofed part of the playhouse is one way to stay dry. Marcos takes shelter and installs a drop-leaf table.img_3243During a break in the showers, Allen applies stain with a tent at the ready in case the rain picks up again. ¬†img_3321-davidDavid’s smile is still sunny even when the skies are not…

You’ve got to be nimble to work around this kind of weather without getting off-schedule. With a dedicated crew and a couple of lucky sunny days, Coral Gables Castle is completed in the nick of time.

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