Ziiiiip lines!

Boy on Zip Line RideOf all the play accessories we add on to our one-of-a-kind treehouses and play structures, zip lines are perhaps the biggest rush for kids. It starts with a moment of spine-tingling anticipation as they prepare to hop on. Once in the air, the stomach-flipping thrill of flying through the air and the rush of adrenaline make them feel powerful, free and ready to ride again!
Bear Mountain ZiplineTreefortWhile the basic elements of the zip line are constant, the specifics of how high and how far you’ll whiz along depend on various factors. Does your yard change elevation? Do you have large trees at either end? Will it be connected to a treehouse or play structure?Zipline take-off RampTwo sturdy trees make excellent anchors for a thrilling ride through the treetops.

Starting Post Zip Line RideIf you don’t have trees, however, we can create a sturdy metal starting post with a “take-off” platform in front of it, as shown above. This also comes in handy for smaller spaces so you can choose the exact beginning and ending spot for the zip line rather than being constrained by the locations of your trees.

zip line-take-off towerTreetop zip lines can begin from a take-off tower in front of the tree, as shown above, or from a take-off perch attached to the tree.

zipline ride - Redwood-Roughhouse-2Another option is to begin the ride from a treehouse deck, offering another way down from this multi-faceted oasis of fun.

Boy n dog ground level take-offA ground level take-off platform works well in a hilly yard and is easy for the younger members of the family to reach independently.

Zipline Ride-2Our zip lines are made to carry up to 300 pounds so the grown-ups can get in on the fun, too. Zipline-ride-3 Part of the job is to play; as we adjust the zip line for the smoothest, fastest, safest thrills, we must take many test rides until it’s just right. Wheeeee!

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